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Monday, September 12, 2005

Phrase of the day

(12:33:05) macagain: Gee, haven't heard you say anything about the iPod nano......
(12:33:25) Brent Selch (AIM): I am pretending it doesn't exist so I don't go and buy it :)
(12:33:31) Brent Selch (AIM): *very* nice
(12:33:43) Brent Selch (AIM): best flash based player out there
(12:34:33) Brent Selch (AIM): the only negative I've heard is that it is *only* USB2 - no Firewire
(12:35:08) macagain: Have you checked out the iLounge.com -- they've got a cool PDF that is sort of "everything about iPods...."
(12:35:34) macagain: USB2 is as fast as FW, though, right?
(12:35:43) Brent Selch (AIM): faster, actually
(12:35:46) Brent Selch (AIM): for a single device
(12:35:56) Brent Selch (AIM): FW handles multiple devices better though
(12:36:14) Brent Selch (AIM): at least for high-throughput devices, such as DV cams, hard drives ,etc...
(12:36:30) macagain: don't get me started on FW hard drives....
(12:37:13) Brent Selch (AIM): true - you haven't had much luck, have you?
(12:37:42) macagain: I'm still a loyal apostle, but that whole LaCie and G4 thing really frosted my banana.
(12:37:55) Brent Selch (AIM): that's such a great expression :)


  • At October 09, 2005 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude... you're the wannabe.. I searched google for my FFXI name: Xenowolf.. and found you. I was and still am the origional Xenowolf..


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